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Trade Between Israel and Turkey Hits Peak in November, Contradicting Government Claims

Despite assertions from government officials that trade with Israel has diminished, recent data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) reveal a contrasting reality. Trade between Turkey and Israel reached its peak in November, coinciding with the most intense period of attacks, according to economist Alaattin Aktaş’s analysis of TÜİK data.

Since October 7, Israel’s ongoing assaults on Gaza, which have resulted in nearly 24,000 Palestinian fatalities, have not halted the robust trade between Israel and Turkey. The trade figures between the two nations during November, marked by severe attacks on Gaza, have drawn significant attention.

Alaattin Aktaş, a columnist for Ekonomim, based his insights on TÜİK data. The Turkish Statistical Institute recently released foreign trade figures for November. An in-depth examination of Turkey-Israel trade in November was conducted using publicly accessible data on TÜİK’s website.

Turkey runs a trade surplus with Israel, leading to an analysis of the import/export balance instead of the usual export/import balance. The investigation focused on determining what percentage of Turkey’s imports from Israel corresponds to its exports to the country.

A notable finding is that the highest monthly ratio in the last year was recorded in November, indicating that Turkey’s highest relative imports from Israel occurred during that month.

This situation presents an irony where Turkish officials and citizens vocally oppose Israel, yet the country records its highest relative imports from Israel during the peak of conflict.

In November, Turkey exported goods worth 301 million dollars to Israel while importing 128 million dollars’ worth, resulting in an import to export ratio of 42.4%. This ratio is significant compared to the rest of the year, where no other month exceeded a 40% threshold, and the eleven-month average stood at 32%.

With the intensification of conflict in November, Turkey’s import ratio also soared. This trend raises questions among those who protest against Israel’s actions and those who advocate for Palestine, challenging them to reconsider their stance given these trade figures.

Turkey’s imports from Israel in November amounted to 128 million dollars, a 60% increase from October’s 80 million dollars, highlighting a surge in imports during the month of the most intense conflict. This development prompts a call for scrutiny and protest, questioning the significance of protests once the goods have already entered Turkey.

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