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Secret Summit in Germany: Elite Far-Right Gathering Allegedly Plots Mass Expulsion

In a controversial revelation, German journalist Can Dündar reported that key figures from Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, alongside neo-Nazis and affluent businessmen, convened in a covert meeting near Potsdam last November. The gathering’s alleged agenda: orchestrating the mass expulsion of millions from Germany.

The explosive details, originally reported by Corrective, a media outlet positioning itself as a bastion of democratic values, indicated that the clandestine summit took place in a secluded hotel. Notably, the attendees included an AfD member, a prominent individual from the Identitarian Movement, members of nationalist-conservative student groups known as ‘Burschenschaft’, urbanites, middle-class professionals, lawyers, politicians, and two members each from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Union of Values.

The meeting, held on November 25, was intended to be kept under wraps, with participants communicating solely through letters. However, Corrective obtained leaked copies of these correspondences, along with photographs and secret recordings of the event. A covert reporter managed to infiltrate the meeting, documenting the proceedings while maintaining a disguised identity.

A central topic of discussion was ‘repatriation’, focusing on the deportation of immigrants from Germany. The dialogue reportedly centered on identifying specific groups for expulsion and justifying their removal, a narrative that critics say directly assaults the principles of the German constitution, citizenship law, and equality.

Moreover, participants were reportedly solicited for donations of up to 5000 euros to fund extreme right-wing activities, adding a financial dimension to the already charged political implications of the meeting.

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