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AKP Founder Kemal Albayrak Calls for Societal Peace and Amnesty Amid Concerns of Injustice

Kemal Albayrak, one of the founders of the AKP, has stated that following the events of July 15th, illegitimate practices from every state institution led to the expulsion of Anatolia's people. He questioned whether a collective enemy class had...

70-years of Indo-Pak predicament: From Jinnah to Imran and Gandhi to Modi

Introduction In the middle of these intense and recent confrontations over Pulwama incident between Pakistan and India over Kashmir, the disputed territory for the past seven decades has once again become one of the most talked-about issues between the two nuclear powers. The British colonialists, under the...


Download or View as PDF  The Syrian civil war has motivated the largest influx of refugees and perhaps the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. The huge influx of refugees has not only changed the nature of politics...

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War Clouds Gather Globally as Turkey Navigates its Own Challenges in 2024

M. Ahmet Karabay* In the last three years, the world's five richest individuals have more than doubled their fortunes. The...
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