Design Phase

The project has advanced from the concept phase to the engineering design phase. DDOT completed a preliminary (30%) set of engineering drawings in August 2016. The next step in the design process is to develop an intermediate (65%) set of engineering drawings and specifications; commonly referred to as contract documents. The intermediate contract documents are scheduled to be completed in December 2016. DDOT is
working to review and address comments on the preliminary drawings, as appropriate, for incorporation into the intermediate contract documents. A 90% set of engineering drawings and specifications will be completed before design is finalized in July 2017. Please refer to the project schedule on the Project Updates page for future milestone dates.

Changes from the Planning Phase

The following changes to the conceptual design have been made so far. As design progresses, it is expected that additional items may change.

MD Ave Typcial Section

  • Medians: Where left turn pockets are proposed, there will be no medians. The existing roadway width is 60 feet from curb to curb. With a proposed typical section in each direction of an 8-foot parking lane; 6-foot bike lane, 11-foot travel lane, and a 10-foot left turn lane, there is simply not enough width to provide a raised median. In lieu of the medians, the left turn pockets will be striped with double yellow markings.
  • Bus Stops: The proposed bus stop locations are currently being evaluated by DDOT and WMATA. Bus stops are currently planned to remain in their existing locations, with slight adjustments applied as needed to meet updated DDOT and WMATA standards. Locations are subject to change during design process.

Documents from the 30% design phase

(Please note that designs are subject to change as they move towards the next phase/finalization)

Changes from the 30% Design Phase

  • Bus Stops: Bus stops on the plans have been placed back to their existing locations; adhering to WMATA’s preference for near side stops. The locations where bus stop locations have been revised include the intersections of D Street, N.E., 8th Street, N.E., 11th Street, N.E., 13th Street, N.E., and 14th Street, N.E. Some bus stop locations may be adjusted from what is currently proposed, but these are anticipated to be minor and would address ADA and WMATA comments; they will generally remain in the same vicinity as the existing locations.
  • Curb Extensions: At intersections where bus stops were changed back to their existing locations, the curb extensions have been revised to the opposite corners of the intersection (commonly referred to as the “far side” of the intersection).
  • 3rd Street Pedestrian Refuge Island and Traffic Movements: A pedestrian refuge island was added on Maryland Ave. on the east side of the 3rd Street intersection. Additionally, a bike lane was added to the westbound side of Maryland Avenue from 3rd Street to 4th Street. The two westbound through lanes were reduced to one.
  • Stanton Park Islands and Pedestrian Movements: The geometric design and crosswalk locations of some traffic islands around Stanton Park have been modified from the 30% design. The traffic islands are continually being evaluated for the most effective design for multi-modal safety and are subject to change.
  • 600 Block Median: A median has been added on the 600 block of Maryland Avenue, N.E., from 6th Street, N.E., to just west of D Street, N.E.

Documents from the 65% Design Phase

(Please note that designs are subject to change as they move towards the next phase/finalization)

Documents from the 90% Design Phase

(Please note that designs are subject to change as they move towards the next phase/finalization)